Direct Marketing Disruptive, or Direct Marketing at the time of e-Commerce

In previous articles, we have repeatedly highlighted how the e-Commerce channel is in effect a media, and its importance has grown dramatically with the health emergency.

The subject of these articles concerned exclusively Direct Marketing activities related to product sampling, or more correctly to product trials.

But if a company offers services, how can it approach this media?

We need to rethink the logic of traditional and digital Direct Marketing and mentalise the unique opportunity that this opportunity can offer, namely to enter directly into the homes of families, without constraints of shape, size and weight.

This could be the joy of creatives, being able to think about how to engage a potential customer who, within his own home, opens the box containing the purchase made and finds a message that takes advantage of that moment of maximum attention that we all place when we receive a purchase.

We remind you that an e-Shopper is first of all a digital user, or rather a digital RA, a target coveted by any company.

But this user now has e-mail, inbox and in spam, “flooded” with commercial messages, and his traditional mailbox is the place of dreaded communications and bills to pay (less and less in truth).

Does your brand deserve this?

Okay, the logic of digital services is based on increasingly extreme performances, “I pay for what I get” is true. But you, who plan with these logics, are you happy when you look at your personal mail? In our opinion, no, just as the user is not.

And what does this entail, what will be the perception of your brand?

Why not ease this pressure and make the approach more qualitative?

Does it cost more? Yes. So why not do less but do it better?

A positive perception will act as a “needle of the balance” in consumer decisions and could also have repercussions on social media strategies which are given more and more importance.

Amazon Prime Now, NeN & ho.

In recent days, those who have made a purchase through Amazon Prime Now, have found a communication from NeN Energia, a new player in the Energy market, therefore of a service

And how do you “advertise” your service? Gifting two packs of paper tissues!

Trivial? For nothing!

It is a new brand that has chosen a “green” positioning and is communicated.

It is a company that has to make new customers, and there is a promotional code.

But there’s more: how long does it take to consume two packets of paper handkerchiefs if we are not constipated? Consequently, how long do I expose the potential customer to the brand (OTS)?

Were you pleased to receive it? Definitely yes, it is a highly useful article.

Could creativity be better? Probably, but we already like it very much.

Is the Amazon Prime channel correct? Maybe yes, but the service only covers a few cities, and has significant costs, with a high possibility of duplication, given that online shopping is approximately done once a week.

Confirming a tendency to reinterpret the old Direct Marketing rules, here is another recent example, worthy, in our opinion, to be mentioned.

ho. mobile, Vodafone’s low-cost operator, always through the Amazon Prime Now channel, with the clear intention of making new activations, went straight to the point and spared no expense.

He created a very simple DM that directly contained a SIM for activation and with a tariff plan divided into clusters of operators, particularly aggressive towards direct competitors

Also for this example a brief but fundamental reflection towards the canal.

Geographically limited, with significant transportation costs, which if added to the construction cost indicate a “substantial” final acquisition cost.

L’e-Commerce non è solo Big Player…

The brand of a channel has always been important for companies both in planning atl and btl.

Then the pulverization of the media with the advent of DTT, satellite and the web has led, in the most advanced companies, to the analysis of individual micro targets, which can then be purchased in homogeneous groups to create interesting numbers.

This concept is even more valid for the e-commerce channel.  Do you think that the sector is only made up of Amazon, Yoox or Saldiprivati? It’s a much more complex reality than if planned correctly can give unthinkable results.

For example, the Simple Direct Service offers the opportunity to plan on over 450 online shops.

The important thing is not the name of the online shop but respect for the target and avoids duplication as much as possible.

It is no coincidence that our editor-in-chief has received the SIM 3 times !

Obviously, the skills, know-how and management require highly introduced and specialized profiles, a bit like twenty years ago it was with the web, this is “Direct Marketing at the time of e-Commerce”.




Website presenting the service offered by Simple Sample

Official website of the low-cost operator ho. mobile

Official website of the new green energy operator NeN

Reference to the article Amazon Targeted Product Sampling