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The audiSample ™ Observatory aims to study the sampling investment market in Italy.

No one has ever done similar research on this market segment.

Yet every year thousands of activities are planned, managed and implemented with the primary or secondary objective of conveying product samples that “potentially” could shift, or even change, market share. But then …

  • What are the companies that do sampling?
  • How many samples do they produce? How many samples do they convey per year?
  • Through which channels do they convey them?
  • What are the metrics for measuring redemption?
  • What is the actual contact cost? Etc etc etc…

The questions could go on, but if you prefer to have some answers, download the results of the 2nd research.


Year Zero

We called it “Year Zero”, which is the year 2017. Year, when the first survey by the audiSample ™ Observatory in Italy was launched on this market segment.

The redemption obtained has exceeded all the expectations, and the initiative will continue on an annual basis.

audiSample™ was born from an internal idea of TUM Italia, an agency specializing in eTryVertising, and is linked to the endemic lack of data and information on this specific market segment.

In 2017, before starting, we shared the initiative with the main structures that represent the players in this market and it is also thanks to their positive opinion, in some cases support, that we decided to launch this project under the aegis of the brand audiSample™.

Have a nice sample.


The audiSample™ survey is carried out in the collaboration with Blinko and Modern Distribution.

Blinko is a sales prospecting tool that delivers the information you need to identify opportunities and close more deals with Marcom and Human Resources Industries. It has a presence in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. For more information on all the products and services offered, consult the website at the following link

Distribuzione Moderna is the first daily portal for news and information on the world of modern distribution. The ideal meeting point between retailers and the brand industry. Its mission is simple but ambitious: inform readers every day (seven days a week). Through the news in real-time, interviews with the protagonists of large-scale distribution and consumer goods companies, video reports, presentations of case histories, strategies, consumption trends, market analysis, distribution policies. For more information

Download the research

audiSample ™ 2018 YEAR ONE

This second edition of the observatory is available in pdf format and is accompanied by a guide to reading the results.

The only mandatory field is the email, the others are at the discretion of the users and their degree of interest.

The research will open directly on the next screen and a copy will be sent to the email address indicated.

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audiSample ™ will not transfer any data to third parties and will never send advertising messages but only and exclusively useful information in relation to the sampling market.